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Maritime Image of the Day: Landing Mackerel

‘Landing Mackerel’, by Laurence Hartwell

PortandTerminal.com, October 15, 2019

Editor’s note: “Image of the Day” is a new feature that we have recently launched. We work in an amazing industry. Let’s celebrate its beauty together by sharing the incredible maritime imagery taken by our colleagues of what we do. Have a photo/video to share? Please send it to info@portandterminal.com along with the name of the photographer who took it (if available) so that we can give them the credit that they are due.

Today’s image: Landing Mackerel

‘Landing Mackerel’, by Laurence Hartwell

Today’s Maritime Image of the Day is titled ‘Landing Mackerel’, by Laurence Hartwell, which is the Overall Winner of the UK’s ultimate sea view photography competition in 2019. Most of our team at PortandTerminal.com live in Nova Scotia, Canada where mackerel fishing is a beloved annual event and past time. We loved today’s photo needless to say as did the British judges. Nice sized macks in that catch by the way Laurence! No “tinkers” to be found.

Keeping a weather eye on the Cornish fishing industry in Newlyn – obsessive photographer of fishermen, fish, fishing & cooking fish

Laurence Hartwell

Here are a few other maritime photos by Mr Hartwell that we really liked. We hope that you do as well.

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