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Maritime Image of the Day: “Heading for Harbour”

PortandTerminal.com, October 16, 2019

Editor’s note: “Image of the Day” is a new feature that we have recently launched. We work in an amazing industry. Let’s celebrate its beauty together by sharing the incredible maritime imagery taken by our colleagues of what we do. Have a photo/video to share? Please send it to info@portandterminal.com along with the name of the photographer who took it (if available) so that we can give them the credit that they are due.

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA – ‘Heading for Harbour’, by Gary Richardson, has been highly commended the Ships and Wrecks category in a recent UK maritime photography exhibition.

Beyond being simply beautiful and technically difficult to capture, we love this photo for its raw exposure of the danger shipping is for our merchant mariners.

Gary is a self-taught, self-motivated walker, photographer and writer with a passion for the outdoors.

Over the last 30 years he has travelled and worked in the mountainous regions of the British Isles. He has also been fortunate enough to travel to some amazing locations around the world, including Nepal, Poland, Spain, Austria and the United States.

His work has been used in national publications and journals. As well as appearing in calendars, on web sites such as PortandTerminal.com and various promotional materials.

Along with taking commissions for new works, Gary also has an extensive library of images and material, which are available to use under licence.

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