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Maritime Image of the Day: “Before Video Games” Cruise ship fun

PortandTerminal.com, October 24, 2019

Editor’s note: “Image of the Day” is a new feature that we have recently launched. We work in an amazing industry. Let’s celebrate its beauty together by sharing the incredible maritime imagery taken by our colleagues of what we do. Have a photo/video to share? Please send it to info@portandterminal.com along with the name of the photographer who took it (if available) so that we can give them the credit that they are due.

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA – This photo is actually titled “Apple Eating” and is believed to have been taken on board the SS Chusan, a British cruise ship from the 1950’s. We have taken the liberty of renaming it “Before Video Games” – anyone with kids will understand why.

The SS Chusan

Painting, oil on canvas, SS Chusan by Edward Beckett. The painting formerly hung in the “mahogany corridor” at Vickers.

The Chusan was 646 feet (197 m) long, roughly about half the length of Royal Caribbean’s Symphony Of the Seas, which is the world’s largest cruise ship today. The Chusan had capacity for 988 passengers and 577 crew, for a total of 1,565 people.

Promotional brochure for first-class passenger accommodations on the Chusan

Cruise ships back in the 1950’s were not especially children friendly. While today’s cruise ships offer a seemingly endless list of diversions for kids, there wasn’t much for them to do back in the day.

SS Chusan (1950’s) – The slide was apparently a hit with the kids though
A later photo of a pool party on the Chusan

Our “Maritime Image of the Day” is of a fun event for the children onboard the Chusan. It captures the innocence and the simplicity of a bygone time and we love it for that reason.

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