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Motorcycle with boat sidecar
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Maritime Collector: The Canterbury Belle Sidecar Boat (VIDEO)

PortandTerminal.com, January 19, 2021

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA – Today we’re featuring an amphibious motorcycle sidecar combo created by the British company Canterbury Sidecars Ltd in 1959.

The 168-pound, 8-foot boat in this duo slides into slots in the sidecar frame and is secured by way of four quick-release bolts, making it easily removable. Both the bike and the boat could carry two people making the combined capacity, four people.

The motorized vessel came with an 80cc motor, claiming speeds up to 11 knots and averaging 60 miles to the gallon. The boat’s rudder is operated by a joystick: forward to go right, back to go left.

Purchasing one of these unique maritime novelties is almost impossible. Sadly, the bike/boat combination was deemed too expensive for mass production and only five examples were ever built.

Motorcycle with boat sidecar
Motorcycle with boat sidecar seen from rear
Motorcycle with boat sidecar. Lifting boat.
Small boat in water seen from stern.
Small boat seen from bow

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