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Wolt delivery driver - Shutterstock
Photo: Wolt delivery driver - Shutterstock

Logistics: Drug dealers don delivery uniforms to skirt virus lockdown rules

PortandTerminal.com, April 10, 2020

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – According to the Israeli news source YNetnews, drug rings in Tel Aviv have been adapting to the new reality of coronavirus lockdowns with a cunning means of disguise – donning the uniforms of a legit food delivery service companies.

Staff for takeaway delivery services such as Wolt or Gett are among the few who can move around freely without attracting too much police attention, a fact that did not go unnoticed by some drug dealers.

Some delivery drivers have been bribed to sell their uniforms to dealers who need to have the same freedom of movement to carry on doing business. YNetnews reports that some delivery drivers have diversified and are even delivering drugs themselves now.

One delivery driver they interviewed, “Avi” (an alias) said that he has worked for several months as a food deliverer for Wolt. But as coronavirus spread and a wide lockdown was imposed on the country, he decided to have a career change and become a “full-time drug courier.” “It’s a new business opportunity,” says Avi. “The impact of coronavirus really drove up the need for drugs. It’s a pretty new phenomenon.

Roadblock in Israel police wearing surgical masks stopping and checking drivers.
The delivery driver uniforms let the dealers get by the lockdown roadblocks without any problems.

Most delivery men deliver marijuana, but some even bring cocaine. When they’re in uniform, you can get drive around with cocaine, the police don’t even look at you or care about you.” “My wages have significantly increased,” he says. “I get NIS 100 [approx. $27] for every marijuana delivery I make – and I make dozens of deliveries a day.”

He says: “People find creative ways to sell drugs. The lockdown and isolation really make you want to smoke [marijuana] a lot more.” This trick, it seems, has completely bypassed the police up until now.

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The couriers in disguise all stressed how easy and carefree their deliveries are. “There’s no worry,” says Avi. “I get on my electric bike, charge three batteries and work until midnight. Even my brother is in it with me. He wanted to make some money since it’s so tough now.”

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