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LEAKED videos from Iran show how bad the virus epidemic has become

Screen grab of video showing reported mass burials of coronavirus victims in Iran

PortandTerminal.com, March 8, 2020

Editor’s note: The secretive nature of the Iranian government makes getting accurate information on the true scale of the coronavirus there difficult. Mohammad Reza Ghadir, head of the Medical Science University in Qom, is on record saying “The Health Ministry has told us not to announce any new statistics.”

The repressive nature of the Iranian regime makes it difficult, and potentially dangerous for the people taking them, to verify the authenticity of some of the videos we are publishing in this article. If even half though of images that are making their way out of the country are accurate though, the situation in Iran is terrifying.

LONDON – On March 2nd we published an article outlining the massive cover-up underway in Iran in reporting the true number of coronavirus cases in that country.

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Iran’s Deputy Health Minister Alireza Raeesi at that time was saying that 1,501 Iranians had tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) and at least 66 have died as of Monday morning, March 2nd.

As of today, the official number of cases of the virus in Iran has more than quadrupled to 6,566 infections. Today (March 8) the Iranian government also said that 194 people had died from coronavirus in a TV announcement by the Health Ministry.

No one believes a word of what the government in Iran is saying, least of all its own citizens, many of whom are left to bury their dead. The latest unofficial number of deaths being reported is 1,800, but no one really knows for sure.

Mass burials in Iran of coronavirus victims

Six days ago we reported that many believe that the true number of coronavirus infections in Iran is in the tens of thousands of cases. But even that figure is starting to sound like a low-ball number now after information from the American Hospital Association gave us all a glimpse of how bad it may get.

American Hospital Association (AHA) slide leaked to Business Insider
American Hospital Association (AHA) slide leaked to Business Insider

Two days ago a leaked slide from a presentation made by field experts at the American Hospital Association (AHA) was published by Business Insider.

The slide, which came from a webinar sponsored by the AHA showed that some of their field experts are predicting that there may be 480 thousand deaths from coronavirus in the United States, a country of 327 million people.

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If the forecasts from the AHA are close to being accurate for the United States, the true state of affairs in Iran must be staggering. Iran, a nation of 81 million people, is poor, sanctions ravaged and lacking in many basic medical supplies.

Doctors in Iran – Overworked, lacking in proper medical equipment and unpaid for 7 months according to the signs that they are holding

“We think that this virus has been in Iran for the past three to four weeks and has circulated throughout the country. Right now in Iran, we are facing a coronavirus epidemic.”

 Senior medical doctor at the Masih Daneshvari hospital in Iran (reported on March 2)

Sick and dying politicians

Six days ago we reported that four senior Iranian politicians had fallen ill with coronavirus, two of whom had died.

Fast forward six days later to today, March 8. The following is the latest information on which Iranian authorities have been infected with the virus. Of the 18 people on the list, mostly elderly men, 8 are under quarantine and six are confirmed dead.

WATCH: Iran’s Dep. Minister of Health catches coronavirus.

How bad are things really in Iran? Bad enough that Iranian officials announced on Wednesday that they will temporarily release 54,000 prisoners to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Prisoners must test negative for the virus and post bail before they will be released.

Scenes from the front-lines of the epidemic in Iran

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