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Leaked Video: The “I Feel Threatened” guy sure picked the wrong internet to mess with

PortandTerminal.com, July 7, 2020

Yet another video of a store encounter featuring a maskless individual amid the COVID-19 pandemic has gone viral.

FORT MYERS, FL – Yesterday a man at a Costco in Fort Myers, Florida lost his cool and began yelling and behaving threateningly towards an elderly lady who had asked him to put a mask on. It was stupid for two reasons.

One, don’t do that. Don’t threaten old ladies – it’s not nice -especially now when they are feeling vulnerable to COVID-19. And two, has this guy not been paying attention to the number of “Karens”, police officers and others whose bad behavior is being filmed and shared on the internet?

So sure enough, Costco Ken’s tantrum was caught on video and has been viewed almost 8 million times already.

The video began with a person off-camera saying, “We’re six feet away from you.”
“You’re harassing me and my family [inaudible],” the man in the red shirt responded.
“I feel threatened,” he yelled. “Back off! Threaten me again. Back the fuck up [and] put your fucking phone down!”

Once the video was out there, the internet did its thing and quickly identified the star of the show – a fellow named Daniel Maples, 42 years old.

Sudden fame has not been kind Daniel Maples, who up until today was an employee at Ted Todd Insurance. The insurance company promptly fired him for behavior “in direct conflict with our company values” and has made sure that the world knows why he was canned.

Hey – where’s Daniel?

We’ll let this gentleman have the final word on the “I feel threatened” story.

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