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Leaked Video of the Day: Payback time for the greedy coronavirus profiteers

PortandTerminal.com, March 21, 2020

EDITOR’S NOTE: Each day thousands of citizen journalists around the world publish videos, sometimes taken at great personal risk, to show the unseen truth to the stories making the news. If you have a video or image that you want to share anonymously, email us at peter.stewart@portandterminal.com.

Halifax, Nova Scotia – We’ll get right to the point. There are some disgusting people out there who are trying to profit off of the fear and uncertainty the coronavirus pandemic has created.

Matt Colvin, the Hand Sanitizer Asshole standing in front of his garage filled with stock
Say hi to Matt Colvin, or as he will forever be known from now on, “The Hand Sanitizer Assho*le

You know who we’re talking about. Like the guy named Matt Colvin in Chattanooga, TN who bought 17,000 bottles of hand sanitizer to resell at inflated prices to desperate people.

Opportunists. Seeking to make a buck off of other’s miseries in a time of need. That’s not business, it should be a crime.


Or the charming couple below in the Leaked Video of the Day who had the same idea and wiped out a Dollar Tree’s supplies of cleaning products, toilet paper and whatnot.

Fortunately, the internet and social media have empowered angry people to publicly shame these greedy profiteers who are exploiting the coronavirus crisis. Not only are they finding their faces plastered on Twitter, Facebook and so on, but some are also taking it a step further.

Manny Ranga and Violetta Perez bought every pack of disinfectant wipe that they could get their hands on at their local Costco and doing so, making themselves one of the most despised couples in Canada.

In Vancouver, there’s a petition on Change.org to get a lifetime ban from Costco for a couple named Manny Ranga and Violetta Perez. The two bought out their local Costco of every single disinfectant wipe that it had. The petition already has over 134,000 signatures and is well on its way to making the two profiteers the most despised couple in Canada.

People are also questioning the policies of the stores that allowed the profiteers to wipe out supplies from their stores.

Why haven’t the stores placed daily limits on item purchases? There will always be greedy, selfish people but we can at least make them drive back and forth in their mega trucks.


Here’s one novel way a store in Germany came up with to stymie the profiteers. They are selling one bottle of disinfectant for 5 Euro or two bottles for 134 Euro!

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