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LEAKED VIDEO: Man clutching hood of moving truck on Florida highway

PortandTerminal.com, August 2, 2020

Authorities took a man into custody on the Florida Turnpike near Boynton Beach after he was captured on cellphone video hanging onto the hood of a moving semi-truck wearing just socks and underwear.

MIAMI – Dramatic video posted to social media shows a man desperately clinging to the hood of a moving semitractor-trailer on a Florida highway on Saturday afternoon at around 1 pm.

“What the f–k?” a man in a car who filmed the episode can be heard saying as the truck barrels down the highway, jerking back and forth in an apparent bid to shake loose the hanger-on.

“Holy sh–! Oh my god! “What are you doing?” the man says as he and a woman inside the car laugh in disbelief.

The video, which has had over 4 million views since just yesterday, was originally posted to Facebook by Erik Morales and later shared on Twitter.

Warning: Graphic language

The man clutching for dear life had earlier jumped onto the hood of the northbound traveling truck and had begun punching its windshield WPTV reported, citing authorities. What prompted him to do so is unclear.

A friend of the man had told police the duo were traveling southbound on the turnpike in a Toyota SUV when the man exited the car on a ramp, walked across the highway divider and jumped onto the truck.

At one point in the footage, the driver of the truck even abruptly presses his brake to shake the hanger-on, but the man holds on and screams something at the witnesses recording the encounter.

The truck traveled from mile marker 86 to 95 with the man atop the hood before a Florida highway patrol trooper pulled the big rig over.

Cellphone video captured troopers pulling the man off the hood.

“This is Florida at its finest.”

“They took him down. He lay on his belly, put his hands down forward, and they grabbed him by his hands and yanked him onto the ground and put him in cuffs,” said Morales. “He just wanted it to be over. He was pretty tired from hanging onto the hood of the truck, so he just kind of gave up there. This is Florida at its finest.”

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