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LEAKED VIDEO: Brutal, unprovoked attack on three people by Serbian police

PortandTerminal.com, July 8, 2020

BELGRADE, SERBIA – Dozens of police and protesters have been hurt in riots that broke out outside the National Assembly in the Serbian capital Belgrade last night.

The protests began peacefully on Tuesday evening and included students and families, angered by a move to re-impose a weekend curfew because of a rise in coronavirus infections.

Serbia has seen a dramatic rise in coronavirus infections and authorities have announced a state of emergency in several towns and cities including the capital city Belgrade.

Things began to get out of control and protesters broke into the governmental assembly, prompting police to intervene.

Clashes erupted and police fired tear gas to disperse the protesters.

One particular attack has captured international attention. Three men sitting on a park bench, visibly uninvolved with the protests were brutally attacked by Serbian riot police. The incident was captured on film and posted to social media where the police have received widespread condemnation.

“Am I paying taxes for this? Who will protect us from them?” comments the person who shared the video

Serbian President Vucic on Wednesday described the attack on parliament as an illegal, aggressive protest that had more to do with extreme right-wing politics than COVID-19. He said another 11 people had died of the virus in the past 24 hours.

“There are no free beds in our hospitals,” he warned, having said the day before that hospitals in other cities were filling up fast.

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