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LEAKED VIDEO: HBO’s Bill Maher destroys the cruise industry on show

PortandTerminal.com, March 20, 2020

EDITOR’S NOTE: Each day thousands of citizen journalists around the world publish videos, sometimes taken at great personal risk, to show the unseen truth to the stories making the news. If you have a video or image that you want to share anonymously, email us at peter.stewart@portandterminal.com.

LOS ANGELES – This video isn’t really leaked, it can be found on YouTube. But it is the type of video that you are unlikely to see on other maritime news websites which is why we have decided to rebroadcast it.

The video is a segment taken from the left of center comedian Bill Maher’s eponymous show “Real Time With Bill Maher” and was broadcast on March 13th. While the segment is titled “Port Reform”, it’s all about cruise ships and the cruise industry. And it isn’t pretty.

The segment starts with Maher referring to President Trump’s recently announced “30-day pause for the cruise industry”, Maher takes it one step further.

“Instead of the 30-day pause that President Trump announced today in a pledge to keep a great and important industry going, let’s take this opportunity to push the entire disgusting business out to sea and give it the Viking funeral it so richly deserves”


Maher takes apart the cruise industry and hands its ass back to them as they say. The video has been watched 775 thousand times on his official YouTube channel and has been doing the circuit on social media for a week now with countless more views.

The Top 3 comments on Maher’s YouTube page to the video follow:

“I went on a cruise ship years ago with my family. One evening I stood on the stern deck for some quiet. That’s when I saw two crew members, one on each side of the ship, chucking great plastic bags of garbage off the deck at intervals. They dotted the wake we left behind for miles. In the middle of the ocean, those cruise ship companies can do anything. I’ll never go on one again.”

“We could dry dock all of the cruise ships and use them to house all of the homeless people.”

“The environmental damage these cruise ships do must not be understated, they are awful for the ocean and our planet.”

When the world finally rights itself and COVID19 is in the rearview mirror, the cruise industry has a lot of work to do if it wants to ever be welcome in whatever our future ends up looking like.

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