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LEAKED: TD Insurance Call Center worker speaks out. Reveals second virus scare

PHOTO: TD Insurance's call center located at 6940 Mumford Road in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

PortandTerminal.com, April 1, 2020

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is not a maritime-related story. Several of our PortandTerminal.com team though are based in Halifax so this story strikes very close to home for us. We are hoping by publishing it we can force TD Insurance to lock itself down and prevent further transmission of the virus to our friends, neighbors and fellow Scotians.

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA – A worker at the busy TD Insurance call center that has a confirmed COVID19 infection in Halifax has published a scathing summary of the company’s failure to act appropriately during the COVID19 crisis. In their post, the writer reveals that TD Insurance had another COVID19 scare earlier in March. We are unable to verify the identity of the writer but are republishing the piece in full below. Insiders at the company we have interviewed advise that the writer has accurately reflected the situation on the ground.

Many of us are conflicted as we choose income over our health and safety.

TD Insurance worker

The anonymous article was published on the popular website Reddit one day ago. Today, the day after its publication, Nova Scotia’s Premier McNeil announced during his daily press conference, that the province recorded its largest daily increase of cases to date – 26, bringing the province’s total to 273 infections.

Despite Nova Scotia’s growing number of infections, TD Insurance’s call center’s physical offices remain open. One source we spoke with today said that it is estimated that it will be another two weeks before all employees are moved to a work from home status.

LEAKED: “TD Insurance on Mumford Rd, Halifax, Nova Scotia NEEDS to PRIORITIZE Their Employees Health & Safety

Yes, I work for TD Insurance. Yes, I am furious about the fact that our office is still open.

Let’s roll back just a few weeks ago: The managers had been sitting on the fact that someone in our office, their mother whom they live with had come into contact with someone who tested positive from one of the basketball tournaments that took place earlier this month. That agent was in the office around the 11th and yet TD Insurance decided against notifying neighbouring agents or any agents at all for that matter about the possibility of exposure; they kept it amongst management. Thankfully said agent tested negative and luckily for TD, they did not need to advise anyone of this matter. Lucky save.

Fast forward to present day, we have learned that someone in fact did test positive for Covid-19 (not the same agent as the first). Saturday, March 28th, 2020, managers had placed calls out to certain agents while others still remained in the dark. I would say it was to avoid a decrease in attendance for the following week as they expect business to run as per usual. This agent’s last day in the office was March 21st and has since been ordered to quarantine at home. Agents that sat closest to the victim were also ordered to self-isolate at home to avoid further spread of the disease and have begun working from home as of today.

The floor was not shut down, it was simply cleaned and disinfected while the other 2 floors that TD takes up in the Mumford Center were not. While TD advises their employees that their floors are cleaned every day, there are still agents reporting dust and unclean equipment. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes are at an all time low and the company has a scent-sensitive office policy, therefore they must be picky about the cleaners they use on top of the shortage we currently have on products during this pandemic.

It has also come to my attention that those in the new hire classes that just began in the past two weeks have been doing their training from home on the program Zoom. Let it be known that these agents were not officially warned of the case by management, they had to find out through news outlets/online forums. And yet they expect staff to come in for product training next Monday while they perform training in the lunch room/common area.

Some reports have said that they have moved many agents from in office to work from home status. Note that the word many does not mean MOST. The claims representatives (most, if not all) were already equipped to be able to work from home as they are able to do so 1-2 times a week on a regular basis. Now they are working from home permanently until further notice. They have also set certain agents up in the retail/customer side of things to work from home (those who sat closest to our first victim). But what is it going to take for us to all be able to work from home? More sickness? This cycle will simply continue to repeat itself and will ultimately only hurt TD even more with loss of agents. Many of us are conflicted as we choose income over our health and safety.

Despite expressing our concerns to management, we receive canned responses in return. Yes, we must use our personal time or vacation time in order to be paid if we wish not to be at the office, otherwise time will be unpaid. Just below us, Admiral insurance was ordered to close and moved their staff to work from home positions. TD being a much bigger company with likely more profit, it feels as though they are prioritizing MORE profit over their employees health and wellness. Your true colours are showing, TD. Do better.

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