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BREAKING: Lay-offs at another Port of Los Angeles container terminal

PortandTerminal.com, April 24, 2020

LOS ANGELES, CA – Another container terminal at the Port of Los Angeles has just announced major layoffs of skilled longshore workers.

PortandTerminal.com has information that Fenix Marine Container terminal (FMS) has told employees yesterday that 35 crane operators are being laid-off.

Fenix Marine Services is the operator of the container terminal commonly referred to as Pier 300 — the second-largest container terminal at the Port of Los Angeles. 

This latest news of layoffs at the Port of Los Angeles falls on the heels of the announcement this week that West Basin Container Terminal – China Shipping (WBCT) at the Port of Los Angeles that announced to its workers that it will be making layoffs.

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These recent layoffs have left Port of Los Angeles longshoremen worried and scrambling for work.

LBCT (Long Beach Container Terminal) is hiring 4 at night and 4 on days. So there will be probably 75 guys who were laid off since March trying to get 16 jobs.

Port of Los Angeles longshoreman

Port of Los Angeles’ boss Gene Seroka published an unvarnished update this week on what the future looks like for the next while. Seroka said that “smaller sized container ships now calling on the port as the economy contracts”. That jibes with our source at the port who told us today that even the smaller vessels that normally would carry 4000 teu are coming in light with just 2400 boxes.

Seroka did say though that, looking forward, he’s anticipating higher container volume in April as manufacturing in China normalizes and some US businesses replenish their inventories.

April’s almost over though and lots of longshoremen are getting laid-off so let’s see how that forecast works out.

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