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Iran says it ports were the target of major cyber-attack

PortandTerminal.com, October 16, 2020

Iran said on Thursday that the country’s main ports had been targeted in a “large scale” cyber-attack.

TEHRAN – Iran was hit by a major cyber-attack on Wednesday, which disrupted one of its largest ports and shut down government services.

According to the Israeli news site N12, the attack struck the Gulf port of Bandar Abbas, Iran’s main port, and appeared to target communications systems, banks, customs services, transportation and other infrastructure.

The attack, which disrupted traffic around Iran’s port for several days, is believed to have been carried out by Israeli operatives.

This marked the second such incident in Bandar Abbas this year. In May, operations at the port were almost completely halted after a cyber-attack at that was attributed by many to Israel.

“Iran crossed a red line and Israel had to respond.”

The attack then was believed to be in retaliation for an Iranian cyber-attack on Israel’s water system that sought to poison Israelis by increasing the chlorine levels in their drinking water. At the time, a source told N12, “Iran crossed a red line and Israel had to respond.”

“Sworn enemies have been trying for some time to carry out cyberattacks,” the semi-official Tasnim news agency quoted a statement by the Ports and Maritime Organization as saying.

Iran says it is on high alert for online assaults, which it has blamed in the past on the United States and other foreign states, including Israel.

Iran has been hit by a number of mysterious fires and explosions at nuclear sites and other sensitive infrastructure in recent months. This latest cyber attack is just the most recent in a series of unusual incidents.

It is unclear what the target of the second cyber-attack last week in Iran was.

With reporting by Reuters, The Washington Post and The Algemeiner

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