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INTERMODAL: CN strike means Quebec has less than five days of propane left

This time last year, Montreal was hit with a snow storm that left 6 inches

PortandTerminal.com, November 21, 2019

With CN Rail on strike, Quebec has been cut off from its supply of propane, with the province now running out fast as winter temperatures take hold

MONTREAL, QUEBEC – The weather forecast for Montreal tonight is a low of 32 degrees Fahrenheit with a risk freezing rain. That’s normal for this time of year in Quebec.

Quebec’s 8.5 million inhabitants are about to be left out cold in less than 5 days

What’s not normal though is the fact that the entire province of Quebec has less than 5 days of propane gas left thanks to the strike of Canada’s rail company CN Rail.

Quebec uses about six million litres of propane per day, and their reserves are a mere 12 million. The province has begun rationing, in an effort to stave off the moment at which they run out.

Francois Legault, the Premier of Quebec, has warned of an “emergency” that could wreak havoc at hospitals, nursing homes and farms. “We started to make choices,” he said in an interview yesterday. “That means we have enough for four days, four-and-a-half days,” he added referring to the rationing of propane that has been put in place.

Premier Francois Legault says Quebec has already started to ration propane use.

Hospitals and elderly residences will be prioritized in the rationing scheme, as will farmers, Legault said. Many were hit hard by early snow and were relying on propane to dry out harvested grain.   

Most of Quebec’s propane is shipped in from Sarnia, Ontario, but the CN Rail strike has cut off the province’s supply. The government in Quebec is currently trying to find enough trucks to transport additional propane by road.

Some Canadians have been quick to point out that the government in Quebec is getting what deserves at the moment. Legault has previously criticized Alberta’s oil industry for producing “dirty” energy.

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