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INNOVATION: Company raises $5m for tech to recognize mask-covered faces

PortandTerminal.com, April 26, 2020

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – One of the new COVID-19 related security challenges being faced is how do you recognize a face that is covered with a protective mask? One company has solved the problem.

An Israeli company, Corsight AI, has developed technology to recognize faces concealed by masks, goggles and plastic shields and just raised $5 million to market the platform and continue its development.  The funding round was led by Awz Ventures, a Canadian venture fund that specializes in intelligence and security technologies.

The company says that its technology can recognize faces, even if they are hidden by face masks, protective goggles, and plastic face shields—a combination common among medical staff treating COVID-19 patients.

The technology can be used to issue alerts of people who are in violation of quarantine and have gone outside to public areas while covering their faces with masks, Corsight said.

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If a person is found to have COVID-19 within an organization the system can quickly produce a report of people who were near the sick individual, the company said.

Corsight said it has permanent systems installed in European airports and hospitals, Asian cities, South American police departments and border crossings, and African mines and banks.

Tel Aviv-based Corsight was founded in late 2019 and has 15 employees. It is a subsidiary of Cortica Group, which has raised over $70 million to develop artificial intelligence technology.

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