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Innovation: A Whale of a Wash

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The days of washing your whale by hand are over. Ships too. We’ll explain.


Ships of all sizes suffer from bio-fouling, which is a buildup of biological things that are alive on their hulls. This bio-fouling creates a significant drag on the hull, slowing down the ship. Not only does this cause the ship to use a lot more fuel, but it also means that foreign organisms hitch a ride on cargo ships, causing significant environmental damage when they’re deposited in foreign areas.


The brainchild of its founders Guido Bardelli, Lucio Zaramella, and Stefano Peruzzi, Whalewashing, was inspired by nature, where small fish eat barnacles and other organisms off of whales. It was also inspired by the car wash, which, let’s be honest, is a massive time and money saver.

How it works

The standard way of cleaning ship hulls of bio-fouling is very expensive and time-consuming, where a ship has to be brought into dry dock and basically be cleaned by hand. In comparison, Whalewashing is basically a huge carwash for ships. An automated system fits itself to the ship’s hull and scrapes it clean with water cannons and huge rotating brushes. At this time, a wax coat is not available.

Hailing from the port of Rotterdam where so many innovative ideas begin, not only does Whalewashing clean your ship’s hull better, it does so considerably faster, cheaper and easier.

Whalewashing doesn’t just clean your ship’s hull, it also uses a variety of military-grade sensors to produce hull inspections and diagnostic reports. And treating your hull with the Whalewashing system decreases fuel consumption and increases speed by up to 20%, and makes sure foreign organisms are less likely to hitch a ride.

So next time your ship gets dirty, consider Whalewashing. Note: Not recommended for actual whales.

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