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INFOGRAPHIC: Container Shipping Lines “Blanked” Sailings in 2020

If “Blanked Sailings” were a shipping line, it would be the largest one by far in the world

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – The container shipping lines have cancelled, or “blanked” as they call it, a total of 435 sailings on various deep-sea trades routes so far in 2020 according to Danish consultancy Sea-Intelligence.

The 435 cancellations are the equivalent of 7 million TEU of cargo taken out of the system and of course, are the result of the global coronavirus pandemic and the disruption that it has caused.

To put those numbers into perspective, if “Blanked Sailings” were a shipping line, it would be, by far, the largest shipping line in the world in terms of capacity.

Looked at yet another way, if you were to fill up every single Maersk and Cosco container ship in their entire global fleets, it would equal to about the same amount of cargo that has been blanked so far this year.


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