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IN PHOTOS: We just survived Dorian as a Category 2 hurricane in Halifax

PortandTerminal.com, September 9, 2019

The staff at PortandTerminal.com just went through Hurricane Dorian as a Category 2 hurricane. It made us acutely aware of the destruction and terror people in the Bahamas experienced as it hit their small island as a full force Category 5 monster. They urgently need our help.

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA – The editorial team at PortandTerminal.com all live in Halifax which was just hit by Hurricane Dorian last Saturday. We’re just now getting our power back up and starting to clean up the mess. While the hurricane here was serious and damaging to the port city of Halifax, what we went through is NOTHING compared to the suffering and trauma of the Bahamians. First a quick run-down on Dorian’s impact on Halifax and then an urgent appeal for your help for the Bahamians.

Hurricane Dorian hit us last Saturday at around 14:00. Most of us lost power almost right away. We’re just now slowly getting it back on and starting to clean up the mess. By the way, if you’re in the market for partly thawed freezer meat, the PortandTerminal.com team will cut you a deal. Most refrigerator and freezer contents have been spoiled in homes without back-up generators.

Nova Scotia Power says that Dorian ranks as the most serious power outage in its history

Over 400,000 homes in Nova Scotia lost power during Dorian. For a small province with just under a million people, that means that just about everybody here was without power. Thousands of homes are still without power as of Monday night, almost 72 hours after the storm, and many probably won’t have it until next week according to Nova Scotia Power. They say that Dorian ranks as the most serious power outage in their history.

Monster waves hit the Peggy’s Cove area 30 minutes outside of Halifax, near Dorian’s landfall

Apartment building roof was blown off and caused serious damage but no injuries in South Halifax

A massive building crane was blown over in downtown Halifax at the height of the storm

Halifax harbourfront sailboats getting buffeted

Canada’s iconic lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove during Dorian


Canadians love nothing more than bad weather. We have lots of it, so making jokes about it is what we do best. Here are a few images that we found funny during Dorian.

Source: Halifax Chronicle Herald

Potato chips quickly sold out in the run-up to Dorian in Halifax. We eat them as comfort food during storms and call them ‘Storm Chips” when the “big ‘uns” hit.

In addition to Storm Chips, Scotians stock in lots of booze when a storm hits. We’re not a complicated people

Getting on with it: Halifax couple goes ahead with their wedding the day after Dorian.

Please help the people of the Bahamas now

You can make a donation online at RedCross.org or by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS. Givers also have the option of texting the word DORIAN to 90999, which will automatically donate $10 to Dorian relief efforts (the charge should appear on your phone bill).

Dozens of other charities are raising money to help aid the survivors of Hurricane Dorian, such as the Salvation ArmyAmericaresMercy Corps, and the National Association of the Bahamas.

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