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Horror in Romanian port, 14,600 sheep on capsized livestock carrier VIDEO

PortandTerminal.com, November 25, 2019

WARNING: The video above shows images of animals in severe distress that some readers may find upsetting.

At the best of times, the movement of live animals is an awful business. The recent incident at the Port of Midia yesterday in Romania has turned it into absolute horror.

The livestock carrier QUEEN HIND with 14600 sheep on board developed list, capsized and sank in Midia Port, Romania, on Nov 24. The ship had left the port and was bound for Libya.

These awful livestock carriers in Mediterranean and Middle East, torture chambers for cattle they carry, are a floating nightmare, but nothing changes so far, notwithstanding recurrent tragedies and protests against inhuman cruelty of such ships, crews and involved companies.

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An operation was been launched by the Romanian Coastguard, police and firefighters to rescue some 14,000 sheep on the vessel. Some 32 sheep were rescued having been found swimming in the sea, all others are believed to have drowned.

The Palau-registered 2,113 dwt livestock carrier was reported to have capsized in the port of Midia, near Constanța, on Sunday morning.

All 22 crew onboard the vessel were rescued, with one seafarer taken to hospital with hypothermia. The Queen Hind is owned by Astra Marine Services and managed by MGM Marine Shipping, both Romanian companies, according to Equasis.

The cause of the accident is not known.

The incident has already prompted one animal welfare group in New Zealand to call for a complete halt to the export of live animals.

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