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Hamburg Süd Launches Remote Container Management

Mathew Healy, PortandTerminal.com, February 7, 2019

Hamburg, Germay – Hamburg Süd, a subsidiary of Maersk, said it intends to use the Remote Container Management (RCM) to ensure 24/7 visibility of its refrigerated (reefer) container fleet and cargo. The announcement was made during a presentation by at Fruit Logistica in Berlin, Germany on February 7, 2019

Hamburg Sud currently has 370,000 reefer containers, the largest of any carrier in the shipping industry, all of which have been retrofitted with RCM capability.

It says it plans to launch the technology across its entire container fleet by the third quarter of 2019.

Remote Container Management

Photo of a crane lifting a Hamburg Sud refrigerated container by the waterfront
All of Hamburg Süd’s refrigerated containers have been outfitted with Remote Container Management technology

In recent months, all the reefer containers used by Hamburg Süd have been outfitted with RCM technology.

Using satellite and mobile radio technology, RCM makes it possible to monitor the refrigerated container and the condition of the cargo inside it – including its location, temperature profile, relative humidity, and concentrations of oxygen and CO2 – around the clock and in real time. In addition, certain settings can be adjusted remotely.

A shipper’s perspective on RCM

Photo: Chayenne
Wiskerke, Managing Director, Wiskerke Onions, the largest onion exporter in the Netherlands

“If you can keep the onions at the most optimal setting, then you have higher quality at the end destination, but you need to have the right data to make the best decisions, and that comes through monitoring the live flows,”

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