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Group offers to bring murdered sailor’s yacht home from Panama

The Culverwell family purchased the yacht in Florida and were planning on sailing it back to New Zealand

PortandTerminal.com, May 31, 2019

Alan Culverwell was killed by pirates who invaded his family’s boat earlier this month while it was docked off the Guna Yala region, on Panama’s northern coastline.

A not-for-profit organisation has offered to bring the yacht of Alan Culverwell, who was killed by pirates in Panama, home to New Zealand for free.

Among The People has reached out to the family ahead of Culverwell’s memorial service on Friday, saying it would “respectfully” manage the relocation of the family’s yacht, the Aqua Lobo, if so desired.

Alan Culverwell was a husband, father of two and a Paua (abalone) diver from New Zealand

Culverwell died on May 2, aged 60, while defending his wife, Derryn, and their two 11-year-old children near Morodub island in Panama, a popular tourist area. 

Two things Alan valued highly were a glass of over-proofed rum with cold cola, and his family

Family friend

Three men have since been arrested over his death and have appeared in court in the city of Colon.

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