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Google parent Alphabet invents fish recognition system

PortandTerminal.com, March 3, 2020

Alphabet, parent company to Google, invests in underwater cameras that can track every fish in huge farms. 

MOUNTAINVIEW, CA – Alphabet, parent company to Google, announced yesterday that it’s next moonshot is called Tidal, a new project that aims to protect the ocean and preserve its ability to support life and help feed humanity, sustainably.

By automatically logging and tracking every fish move, Alphabet hopes to improve ocean health and has therefore invented a system that will eventually recognise and monitor every individual fish in farms that can hold over thousands of fish, states a press release.

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“Our initial area of focus is on developing technologies that bring greater visibility and understanding of what’s happening under the water,” says Neil Dave, managing director of Tidal.

Tidal states that the collaboration of creating fish recognition systems is just one of the areas, they wish to improve with technology.

“As we validate our technology and learn more about the ocean environment, we plan to apply what we’ve learned to other fields and problems, with the help of ocean health experts and other organizations eager to find new solutions to protect and preserve this precious resource,” says Neil Dave.

The urgency of Tidal achieving their vision can not be overstated.

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