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Shipping billionaire selling his ‘Starfighter’ of superyachts

PortandTerminal.com, August 20, 2019

Hong Kong-based shipping mogul Anthony Marden is selling Adastra, a futuristic 140-foot trimaran that looks like a “Star Wars” fighter jet

HONG KONG – A 140-foot superyacht that recalls a “Star Wars” fighter jet as much as a watercraft has hit the market priced to sell. 

Hong Kong-based shipping magnate Anthony Marden is selling his custom-made trimaran “Adastra,” which he’s spun around the world from Ibiza, Spain, to Bali, Indonesia, for the last seven years, according to a website he’s launched to market the superyacht. 

 The 140-foot power trimaran Adastra is up for sale and could be yours for a cool $12 million.

While the site says only that the vessel is “priced to sell,” the billionaire businessman is reportedly asking $12 million, according to Robb Report. 

Marketed as “the coolest adventure yacht,” Adastra has room for nine passengers and six crew members, with two levels of living space, including an open main deck clad in lightweight oak, according to a brochure from China-based boatbuilder McConaghy. 

Yacht owner and shipping billionaire, Anthony Marden

“After seven years, we’ve pretty much cruised to all the places we want to cruise. Now she’s just not getting enough use. We have another yacht at home, so it’s time to sell.”

Right now Adastra is moored in Nassau in the Bahamas, and later this month will head to Fort Lauderdale’s Seahaven Marina for a showing to prospective buyers on July 25 and 26. If you’re in the market for a one-of-a-kind trimaran, click here!

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