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Photo: Halifax's iconic public library. Residents of the city have pushed for a solution to end the glut of container trucks in the city core for years

Port of Halifax releases big news for city residents!

PortandTerminal.com, June 2, 2019

Disclosure statement: PortandTerminal.com’s two founders and several of its employees call Halifax, Canada home.

Halifax, Canada – Ottawa is investing $47.5 million in two infrastructure projects in Halifax that will help increase capacity at the Port of Halifax and relieve the clog of container-laden trucks in the city centre.

The Canadian government released a press statement today announcing a major rail investment at the Port of Halifax that will take the clog of container-laden trucks out of the city core.

Two step plan

Halifax’s South End Container Terminal
  1. The first project will increase storage capacity at the Port of Halifax by connecting the South End Container Terminal to the Fairview Cove Container Terminal by rail. Among other improvements, the Port will add rail tracks within its existing footprint and acquire four new rail-mounted cranes to load and unload containers faster and more efficiently at both terminals. As a result of this project, there will be an increase in the transportation of goods by rail between the two terminals in downtown Halifax, and a reduction in traffic congestion.
  2. The second project will upgrade the Windsor Street Exchange, which is the main access road to the Port of Halifax. This work includes realigning the Bedford Highway, upgrading Lady Hammond Road and installing new traffic signals to improve traffic flow. These upgrades will reduce traffic congestion, improve safety and increase the reliability and efficiency of freight movements.

Reaction from the Port of Halifax

Photo: Halifax’s South End container terminal is next door to the city’s beloved Point Pleasant Park

“A rail solution has been announced that will take the majority of port-related trucks out of the downtown core of Halifax! This is a big deal, and we sincerely thank everyone who worked over the years to make it happen. All three levels of government, CN Rail, terminal operators Ceres and Halterm, shipping companies, ILA Workforce, marine pilots, tugs, trucking companies, and the larger port community. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” (Port of Halifax announcement on social media today)

This is amazing news news !!! Great job by everyone involved !!!

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