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Extinction Rebellion isn’t asking. They’re demanding and putting big oil on notice

PortandTerminal.com, January 7, 2020

Police in Scotland arrested protesters with an environmental group called Extinction Rebellion after they boarded an oil jack-up rig to protest it leaving for the North Sea. The group has 3 demands.

DUNDEE, SCOTLAND – Three environmentalists from a group called Extinction Rebellion climbed aboard a jack-up rig in Scotland and stayed on it for five hours, leaving only when weather conditions got too hazardous. Three others attempted to board but were arrested in the act. 

Environmental activists climbing the jack-up rig in Scotland

The protestors climbed halfway up one of the legs of the rig to try to prevent it leaving the harbor saying that they want to prevent the rig from carrying out work for the Shell oil company in the North Sea. A total of seven of them were arrested in the action.

The rig targetted is operated by Valaris and is due to drill several wells for Royal Dutch Shell in 2020. In a statement, Extinction Rebellion Scotland said that the action was targeting Shell. 

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A spokesman for the Oil and Gas UK organisation said: “This is a dangerous and short-sighted stunt which does absolutely nothing to help provide the solutions which will be required to meaningfully deliver net-zero emissions by 2045 in Scotland.

What is Extinction Rebellion?

Large group of protestors carrying banner that reads "Rebel for Life"

Extinction Rebellion is a global environmental movement with over 700 chapters in 66 countries.

We are a movement dedicated to peaceful non violent disobedience. We exist to ask one another to withdraw consent for harm, to rebel with meaning and beauty and to create mass intention for repair, restoration, regeneration and resilience.

Extinction Rebellion website

The activists have said they have three demands for the Scottish and UK Governments: tell the truth about the devastating impact of the fossil fuel industry and its responsibility for the climate and ecological crisis, act now to decommission fossil fuel infrastructure and implement a just transition led by workers and frontline communities, and trust ourselves by establishing a legally binding citizens assembly and putting decision-making processes into the hands of the people.

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