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Expect 4.8 million virus hospitalizations/ 480k dead in US – AHA leaked slide

PortandTerminal.com, March 7, 2020

EDITOR’S NOTE: The American Hospital Association (AHA) has said that the forecasts released in the webinar “reflects the views of the experts who spoke on it, not its own.” Feel better?

CHICAGO, IL – As of today, there are 401 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and 17 deaths in the United States.

Today, New York State just declared a State of Emergency over the virus as the number of cases its coping with rose to 76 including a man who is apparently an Uber driver in Queens.

READ: State of Emergency declared in New York as coronavirus spreads

That’s nothing.

According to a leaked presentation from the American Hospital Association reported by Business Insider (paywall), some medical professionals, or “experts in the field” as the AHA calls them, are bracing for the epidemic to get much, much worse.

Leaked Slide

American Hospital Association (AHA) slide leaked to Business Insider

In a February webinar presentation hosted by the American Hospital Association, an expert laid out “best guess” estimates about how many Americans could be impacted. 

He projected that there could be as many as 96 million cases in the US, 4.8 million hospitalizations, and 480,000 deaths associated with the novel coronavirus.

The expert also forecasts that of the 4.8 million hospital admissions, 1.9 million will require admission to intensive care units (ICU).

The American Hospital Association has issued the following statement:

So… that’s not very reassuring AHA. You confirm that the leaked slide “reflect(s) the various perspectives of field experts,” but should not be attributed to the AHA. Fair enough. For now, we’re all stuck with the opinion of experts in the field. What would they know?

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