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Drones using infrared cameras monitor car carrier blaze at Port of Jacksonville

PortandTerminal.com, June 7, 2020

Norwegian Auto Hauler Ship Continues Burning, Two Days After it Caught on Fire

JACKSONVILLE, FL – On Saturday, firefighters were still battling the fire that broke out on the car carrier Hoegh Xiamen at the Port of Jacksonville, Florida on Thursday on its seventh deck.

The ship, a 600-foot Norwegian vessel called Höegh Xiamen was carrying used cars and was scheduled to leave Jacksonville.

After an explosion injured 8 firefighters on Thursday inside the vessel, they are no longer trying to extinguish the fire, just let it burn itself out — which could take days. Water is being poured on the hull of the ship to protect the integrity of the ship. Experts say it could continue for days.

All but three of the nine Jacksonville firefighters who were injured battling the blaze were released from the hospital Friday.

The U.S. Coast Guard said because of the tireless efforts to spray water on the ship’s exterior, the vessel’s hull has remained intact — keeping it from breaking up and sinking.

These photos from JFRD were taken by drones with infrared cameras to measure the temperatures and show the hottest areas of the ship glowing red. On the first day of it burning — the hottest temperatures inside were over 1,000 degrees.

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