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DISTURBING: Saudi Aramco dresses migrant worker as a ‘hand-sanitizer dispenser’

PortandTerminal.com, March 11, 2020

Images of a foreign worker walking around the halls of Saudi oil company Aramco and wearing a large hand sanitizer dispenser have been condemned as racist and exploitative. The good news is that they didn’t dress him up as a bone-saw. 

LONDON – Saudi Arabia has an awful record of mistreating its 9 million migrant workers. Last year, for example, Bangladesh admitted that female workers were being repatriated from the kingdom after facing sexual and physical abuse. 

Woman with head covered behind red sign that reads Saudi Arabia, Stop Beheading
An Indonesian domestic worker was sentenced to death by beheading for allegedly killing her employer after he tried to rape her. 

Saudi Arabia shouldn’t be mistreating its migrant workers if for no other reason, out of the nation of 33 million people, it’s the migrants who do most of the work. But that’s another story.

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Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, many have highlighted the issue of increased racism targeting minorities in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Aramco, the world’s most valuable company, just doubled-down on making the Kingdom look like the bunch of racists that they are – they dressed up a migrant worker and turned him into a human hand sanitizer dispenser.

A surgical mask wearing man dressed as a living hand sanitizer dispenser
‘Racist’: Saudi Aramco accused of humiliating foreign worker amid coronavirus panic. The good news is that they didn’t dress him up as a bone-saw. 

According to several photos that went viral late on Tuesday, a worker wearing a mask and a box that dispenses hand sanitizer can be seen approaching staff in the lobby and outside perimeter of one of the oil behemoth’s buildings. 

Although the image was not geo-tagged, the interior of one of the building’s resembled Aramco’s offices in Dhahran.

This painful to watch video clearly demonstrates the plight of domestic staff in Saudi Arabia and shows that these servants are treated inhumanely.

In a statement released late on Tuesday, Aramco distanced itself from the act, calling it “abusive,” adding it simply wanted to highlight the importance of hand sterilization.

“The company has immediately stopped this act and has taken steps to prevent it from happening again,” it said.

Blah, blah, blah, Aramco. More of what the world has come to expect from Saudi Arabia and its appalling record on human rights.

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