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Crumbling Infrastructure: Another bridge collapses in Italy

PortandTerminal.com, April 8, 2020

FLORENCE, ITALY – As if Italy doesn’t have enough trouble right now keeping badly needed supplies moving through the country.

A bridge on a normally busy provincial road in northern Italy collapsed on Wednesday and one truck driver was injured, a spokesman for the fire brigade said. Fortunately, thanks to the national lockdown due to coronavirus there was very little traffic and no one was seriously hurt.

The entire bridge collapsed at 10:25 (08:25 GMT) near the town of Aulla, roughly midway between Genoa and Florence, the spokesman added. Team of the fire brigade were still on-site, he added.

Red delivery van on a collapsed section of a bridge

Images from the scene show a red courier vehicle apparently still upright on the collapsed road.

The driver was hit by falling masonry and airlifted to hospital, but his injuries were described as minor.

Bridge Collapsed over river
Thanks to the national lockdown due to coronavirus there was very little traffic and no one was seriously hurt.

The driver of a second van was able to clamber out of his vehicle unscathed but suffering from shock, reports said. Firefighters were checking the river in case anyone else was involved.

Crumbling infrastructure

The condition of Italy’s road bridges has come under close scrutiny over the past two years as a number of disasters have struck Italy’s infrastructure.

Firefighters at the scene after a stretch of the Turin to Savona A6 highway collapsed after heavy rains last November. Photograph: AP

Last November a 100 foot (30m) section of highway along a viaduct near the flooded coastal city of Savona collapsed. The incident happened in the northwest region of Liguria and raised major questions about the safety of the country’s ageing infrastructure.

Photo of the Morandi Bridge disaster in Genoa Italy
The Morandi Bridge disaster in 2018 claimed 43 lives

In another more deadly incident, the Morandi bridge in Genoa collapsed on August 14, 2018, in heavy rain, sending dozens of vehicles plunging 160 feet to the ground below and killing 43 people.

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