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#COVIDIOTS: The “Why all the virus scare and fuss?” guy. Meet Stephen Garvey

Stephen Garvey, leader of Canada's National Citizen Alliance, staring vacantly into space, not understanding how epidemics work.

PortandTerminal.com, March 24, 2020

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA – By most accounts, Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is doing an excellent job stick-handling the fast-moving COVID19 crisis unfurling in Canada. Trudeau has won global praise and is proving himself to be Canada’s version of New York Gov. Cuomo for his pragmatic and no-nonsense handling of the crisis.

Canada has a population a bit less than California’s 40 million people and has 2,792 confirmed cases of COVID19. The virus is doubling at a furious rate in Canada as it is elsewhere. People in Canada are hunkered down, schools are shut, unemployment has doubled in a week and people are afraid and looking for leadership as they are everywhere right now.

Source: Government of Canada website

Trudeau, who is managing the country while quarantined with his wife Sophie who has been infected with the virus and their 3 children (who have thankfully not been infected), delivered a frank and scolding message to Canada’s citizens today who are not practicing social distancing.

The normally polite to a fault Trudeau did not mince his words.

“Enough is enough. Go home and stay home”

The gist of what Trudeau had to say was in his address was, “Canadians – you are not listening to what we are saying in terms of taking this seriously. If you don’t do better we will do what is necessary. This is serious”. “We’ve all seen the pictures online of people who seem to think they’re invincible. Well, you’re not,” he said, berating the people who have been ignoring the warnings to isolate and avoid contact with others to prevent the virus spreading.

Which brings us to today’s #COVIDIOTS

A month or so ago before the seriousness of the COVID19 crisis was apparent to all, there were many who downplayed it. No one with any sense does anymore though. Except for Stephen Garvey, who accuses Canada’s Prime Minister of “peddling fear” when he berated Canadians recently for not strictly obeying measures to prevent the spread of COVID19. Garvey backs up his claims with data about Canada population, the infection rate etc demonstrating that he does at least own a calculator.

Let’s translate Stephen Garvey’s message into New York State terms and see how it sounds

Gov. Andrew Cuomo addressing the COVID19 emergency in New York State. Or, “peddling fear” as Stephen Garvey would put it.

“Why Is Gov. Andrew Cuomo & the political establishment peddling fear?”

  • New York State has a population of 19.54 million people
  • New York State has 25,655 cases of Coronavirus (0.00133% of the population.)
  • 210 people have died of the virus (0.0000108% of the population)

So what’s the big deal about right?

Who is Stephen Garvey?

PHOTO: National Citizens Alliance website. Apparently, he needs some help raising the equivalent of $US 3,500.

Stephen Garvey is the leader of some fringe, run out of “Momma’s basement” political party in Canada called the National Citizens Alliance.

He and his dozens of followers make up a Canadian populist party that identifies as “populist, Canadian nationalists”. Whatever.

What he doesn’t understand is how epidemics and exponential equations work. COVID19 is a real threat, people are sick, and many more will become so. Potentially hundreds of thousands are going to die. Politicians like Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, New York States Gov. Andrew Cuomo are doing everything that they can to flatten the curve and try to prevent that number from turning into the millions Dr. Anthony Fauci has warned us it could kill.

Or, as Stephen Garvey would put it, they are “peddling fear”.

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