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Coronavirus: Up to 70% of Germany could become infected – Merkel

Chancellor Merkel addressed reporters alongside Health Minister Jens Spahn

PortandTerminal.com, March 11, 2020

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that up to 70% of the country’s population – some 58 million people – could contract the coronavirus. Germany is the EU’s largest economy and a critical component to the global supply chain.

BERLIN, GERMANY – German Chancellor Angela Merkel has issued a stark warning to her people advising them that up to 70% of the country may contract coronavirus.

Germany currently has 1,656 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

Chancellor Merkel’s announcement today is the bleakest, and most troubling forecast of the virus’ spread to date by a major political leader.

She made the stark prediction at a news conference on Wednesday alongside German Health Minister Jens Spahn.

Her remarks came as Italy entered its second day of a national lockdown.

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Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced the closure of schools, gyms, museums, nightclubs and other venues across the country, which on Wednesday passed 10,000 confirmed infections.

In a February webinar presentation hosted by the American Hospital Association, an expert laid out “best guess” estimates about how many Americans could be impacted. 

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The news comes on the heels of a leaked slide from an American Hospital Association (AHA) webinar where field experts predicted as many that there would be as many as 96 million cases of COVID19, almost 30% of the US population. The field experts also predicted that there would be 4.8 million hospital admissions and 480,000 deaths.

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