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Con job? Was the Fujairah attack last week a false flag?

PortandTerminal.com, May 15, 2019

Many are now sceptical about the so-called “sabotage” of four tankers off of Fujairah last week. In this article, we give voice to some of the questions being asked about the event in social media.

What happened?

On Sunday, the United Arab Emirates said four commercial ships off the coast of Fujairah, one of the world’s largest bunkering hubs, “were subjected to sabotage operations”.

There were “no injuries or fatalities on board the vessels” or “spillage of harmful chemicals or fuel”, the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said

 The Andrea Victory’s owners, Thome Group, said an unknown object hit the tanker above the waterline, causing a hole in the hull

Reuters and other journalists taken on a tour off the Fujairah coast saw a hole at the waterline in the hull of a Norwegian ship, with the metal torn inwards. A Saudi tanker they viewed showed no sign of major damage.

As someone who is familiar with the filling and discharging of Petro tankers, this is highly suspect. Four tankers hit with no fire or explosion? Nope.

No side has taken responsibility for the alleged acts of sabotage. Neither Saudi Arabia nor the UAE gave details on the nature of the attacks or accused anyone of responsibility.

Let’s make a list of what is suspicious: 1) timing 2) happened inside UAE jurisdiction 3) no loss of life 4) no spillage or fire 5) no independent/social imagery or evidence. 6) perfect “event” to create idea of Iranian aggression in Straits of Hormuz against oil destined for US.

Was the attack a false flag?

Media mogul Randolf Hearst’s famous reply to an artist assigned to produce war sketches in Cuba

There is growing suspicion that the attacks were carried out to help create a pretext for war with Iran.

The influential Lloyds List Maritime Intelligence, for example, criticised the authorities for “scant” information provided about the attack.

On Tuesday, two days after the sabotage, the British general serving as deputy commander of the US-led military coalition against ISIS said there had been “no increased threat” from Iranian-backed forces in Iraq or Syria.

After what happened with Iraq? Who the hell in their right mind would believe any report coming out of the government? #NoWarWithIran

On Tuesday, Spain pulled it navy frigate Méndez Núñez from the USS Lincoln Strike Group stating that the “United States authorities have changed what the original mission was supposed to be” as the reason for the withdrawal.

That was a shallow ploy to start a war. Now they running around EU and Russia to garner support.

The US has previously warned that “Iran or its proxies” could be targeting maritime traffic in the region and, in recent days, deployed warships to counter “clear indications” of threats from the country.

With the exception of the United States though, no one seems to be clamouring for a war with Iran.

Who carried out the sabotage attack?

In a region as consumed by conflict, conspiracy theories and power struggles as the Middle East the fog of war is always thick.

Most agree though that the sabotage attack was “like a bad fart in a small elevator” as one person put it eloquently. “We may not be sure of who did it, but there are only a few suspects.”

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