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CMA CGM container ship sailing from China reported 6 crew with fever

PortandTerminal.com, January 28, 2020

Fleetmon is reporting that 6 Sri Lankan seamen confirmed ill, suffering fever and high temperature, on board of container ship CMA CGM URAL, which is presently steaming in the Gulf of Aden, en route from China to Suez and then Mediterranean / Black sea ports, via Singapore.

The vessel according to Fleetmon has called Chinese ports as follows: Shenzhen Jan 15; Xiamen Jan 14; Ningbo-Zhoushan Jan 11; YANGSHAN Jan 8-9.

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Merchant Shipping Association of Sri Lanka was alerted on a mass crew illness in the morning Jan 27. It is not known of course, at present, if seamen are infected with coronavirus, or it’s something else. ETA Suez Jan 30, exact type of disease can be identified only in port with respective medical facilities, though of course, if the situation deteriorates and condition of ill seamen will significantly worsen, they’ll have to be medevaced, there are more than enough means, ports and medical facilities in the Red Sea region.

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