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China exempts certain products from tariffs. Here’s the list.

PortandTerminal.com, September 11, 2019

If your company’s product is one of the 16 that China has just exempted from tariffs then congratulations. You dodged a bullet. Keep in mind though that it’s all just a token gesture aimed at getting good press (like this article) and signalling to Trump to settle the war before things get even worse for Americans.

BEIJING, CHINA (with Reuters) – China announced a range of U.S. goods to be exempted from 25% extra tariffs put in place last year, as the government seeks to ease the impact from the trade war without lifting charges on major agricultural items like soybeans and pork.

China’s tariffs are coming off US exports of at least $700 million and at most $1.9 billion (2017 data). That really is peanuts in the grander scheme of Chinese/American trade. It is though a much needed token gesture in what has become an increasingly damaging game of one-upmanship between President Trump and his arch-nemesis, Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Here’s the list of the products that China is exempting

Sorry. Soybeans are one product not on the list of tariff exemptions. China knows that Trump relies on farmers as supporters and is punishing them to worry him in the runup to the next election.

Here’s what is on the list:

  1. Other shrimp and shrimp seedlings
  2. Aster meal and pellets
  3. Other purpura (except coarse powder and pellets)
  4. Fish meal for feed
  5. Lubricating oil
  6. Grease
  7. Cycloprom, insecticidal ring, insecticidal nail, polythiane, etc. (including methylthiophosphorus, buprofezin, trichlorfen, indoxacarb)
  8. Decitabine, fluorouridine, cyclophosphamide, gefitinib, capecitabine, raltitrexed, fludarabine phosphate, Fluoride, cytarabine hydrochloride, gemcitabine hydrochloride, ectinib hydrochloride, ifosfamide
  9. Nonionic organic surfactant
  10. Mineral oil <70% lubricant
  11. 11. Lubricant that does not contain petroleum or extracts oil from bituminous minerals
  12. Medical linear accelerator
  13. Whey and modified whey for feed
  14. Release agent (oil by weight and oil extracted from bitumen ≥70%)
  15. Isoparaffin solvent
  16. Lubricating base oil


Pharmaceuticals and lubricant oil are among exclusions to levies on imports announced by the Ministry of Finance on its website on Wednesday. The exemptions will cover the 16 categories of products above, ranging from fish food to pesticides, and will be effective from Sept. 17 to Sept. 16 2020.

Today’s exemptions apply to the first round of tariffs China imposed on U.S. goods starting last July in retaliation for higher U.S. levies. The Chinese government began accepting applications for tariff exemptions in May, but it is the first time they have stated which products will be excluded. The U.S. Trade Representative’s Office has announced six rounds of exclusions for the punitive tariffs on $34 billion in Chinese goods since December.

Chinese stocks edged down and the yuan pared earlier gains after the announcement.

Further rounds of Chinese exemptions will be announced in due course, the ministry said.

Top Chinese negotiators will travel to Washington for talks in the coming weeks, and lower-level officials will also hold discussions this month. Both sides raised tariffs on each others’ goods on Sept. 1 in the trade war’s latest escalation, and the U.S. plans to add more tariffs on Oct. 1. Both nations will increase them again on Dec. 15 unless there is a breakthrough.

China’s tariff retaliation strategy to date has focused heavily on curbing trade of agricultural and manufactured goods produced in U.S. states key for President Donald Trump’s re-election chances. With more U.S. tariff increases on the way, China is unlikely to pare back its response by exempting soybeans and autos.

Applications for the second tranche of exclusions started on Sept. 2 and will close on Oct. 18, China’s finance ministry said earlier on its website. That will be applied to the products subject to additional tariffs on $60 billion of American goods. China said it will open the third tranche of tariffs up for exemption requests later, though it hasn’t specified a date.

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