Tuesday, December 1st, 2020
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Latest: Barbados puts on a brave face as it deals with scary COVID cruise ship

Cruise ship docked. Barbados sign

PortandTerminal.com, November 13, 2020 “Nothing to fear” says government to Barbadians BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS – The small Caribbean island of Barbados, home to just 287 thousand people, is telling is its worried citizens that they have “Nothing to Fear” after a cruise ship was allowed to dock there with at least six individuals testing positive for COVID-19. Yesterday, we reported that …

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Perfume Entrepreneur Snapping up Oil and Gas Leases in US

woman in black dress

REUTERS, OCTOBER 9, 2020 “Nobody is buying now so there is no competition,” (Reuters) – A Myanmar-born perfume entrepreneur and missionary has snapped up nearly half of the oil and gas leases offered by the Trump administration since August, saying the coronavirus pandemic created an opportunity to buy them cheaply. Levi Sap Nei Thang, who boasts a large social media …

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LEAKED VIDEO: Ship Launching Skill Level – Expert

Screen grab. Cargo ship. Pontoons

PortandTerminal.com, September 17, 2020 HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA – We don’t have much background on this video but it’s simply too amazing not to share. If you look at the video you can see that it has obviously been sped up. It also looks to have been taken in China. After that, we don’t know much. Turns out as one reader, …

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Calculating Costs of Shutting Borders to Trade: Extreme is scenario -48% GDP

Line up of trucks carrying shipping containers

BLOOMBERG, March 23, 2020 What if we had to close the US border to trade for a year due to national security or public health threat? By Shawn Donnan for Bloomberg – Across North America and Europe, lockdowns of entire communities and countries are underway. Borders are closing to travel even as governments insist that cargo and trade will still be allowed to …

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BREAKING: State of Emergency declared in New York as coronavirus spreads

Crowded New York city street. Lots of people walking. Many wearing surgical masks

PortandTerminal.com, March 7, 2020 The announcement comes as the number of coronavirus patients in New York rose to 76 today including a man who is apparently an Uber driver in Queens. NEW YORK CITY – New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced today that New York has declared a state of emergency due the spreading coronavirus. The governor’s announcement came …

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Cargo ship rams into fish farm. Releases 2 million fish into the Aegean Sea

Two rows of round fish farming pens in the water near a cliff

PortandTerminal.com, March 7, 2020 A cargo ship in the Aegean Sea had a steering failure, lost control and struck a fish farm fence. An estimated 2 million fish were released in the accident which took place in Gulluk Bay, southwest Turkey, Aegean Sea. The precise date the incident took place is unknown – sometime late in February. General cargo ship NAVAHO …

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A judge may have just saved longshore workers union (ILWU) from bankruptcy

Port of Portland Terminal 6 concrete sign at entry gate

PortandTerminal.com, March 7, 2020 SEATTLE, WA – A longstanding and bitter feud over two dockworker jobs risked putting the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) into bankruptcy. To survive they needed to get a $93.6 million judgement against them reversed or dramatically reduced. That’s exactly what just happened on Thursday this week. READ: ILWU shenanigans at Port of Portland may …

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Saudi detains senior royals for alleged coup plot, including king’s brother

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Prince Ahmed Abdulaziz

REUTERS, March 7, 2020 RIYADH (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia has detained three senior Saudi princes including Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, the younger brother of King Salman, and Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, the king’s nephew, for allegedly planning a coup, sources with knowledge of the matter said. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, King Salman’s son and de facto ruler of the …

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