Thursday, April 9th, 2020
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Amazing photos of Germany’s Coronavirus Airplane Hospital

interior of a German Airbus 310 MRTT hospital airplane

PortandTerminal.com, March 29, 2020 Germany is set to treat coronavirus patients who are being flown in from nearby European nations that have been worse hit by the pandemic. COLOGNE, GERMANY – Germany’s military are flying Covid-19-positive patients in from France and Italy in an effort to help countries’ whose health services are struggling to cope with the crisis. An air …

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Exclusive: Ferrari and Fiat look at helping Italy make ventilators

Engine of a Ferrari

REUTERS, March 18, 2020 MILAN (Reuters) – Italian carmakers Ferrari and Fiat Chrysler are in talks with the nation’s biggest ventilator manufacturer to help to boost production of the life-saving machines that are urgently needed in the coronavirus crisis, company officials said on Thursday. Italy is at the epicenter of the pandemic and its government has embarked on a big …

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German, US companies sign deal to develop vaccine

Close up of a lab technician holding a trial with plastic vials of drugs

PortandTerminal.com, March 18, 2020 Germany’s BioNTech is to use its drug development platform alongside Pfizer to find a vaccine for COVID-19. It comes after Donald Trump reportedly tried to entice a German lab to develop a vaccine exclusively for the US. NEW YORK / MAINZ, GERMANY – US drugmaker Pfizer and Germany’s BioNTech will immediately start work together on a …

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BREAKING: We’ve Got The Vaccine, Says Pentagon-Funded Company – Defense One

PortandTerminal.com, March 12, 2020 Defense One is reporting that a biotech company Medicago in Quebec City has announced that they have produced a viable vaccine candidate for COVID-19 QUEBEC CITY – A Canadian company says that it has produced a COVID-19 vaccine just 20 days after receiving the coronavirus’s genetic sequence, using a unique technology that they soon hope to submit for FDA approval. …

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WATCH: Robot tank used to spray disinfectant during COVID-19 outbreak in China

Screen grab of Chinese robot that sprays disinfectant

PortandTerminal.com, March 10, 2020 ZHEJIANG, CHINA – A tank-shaped robot is being used to spray disinfectant during the COVID-19 outbreak in China. The robot was developed by the robot research institution of Zhejiang University, can spray the disinfectant up to ten metres away and it consumes 20,000-square-metre atomised disinfectant which equals three standard football courts every hour. Its work efficiency …

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Google parent Alphabet invents fish recognition system

PortandTerminal.com, March 3, 2020 Alphabet, parent company to Google, invests in underwater cameras that can track every fish in huge farms.  MOUNTAINVIEW, CA – Alphabet, parent company to Google, announced yesterday that it’s next moonshot is called Tidal, a new project that aims to protect the ocean and preserve its ability to support life and help feed humanity, sustainably. By automatically logging …

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The Big Dirty Secret Behind Wind Power

Unrecyclable wind turbine blades at a landfill in Casper, Wyoming.

Bloomberg, February 7, 2020 By Josh Petri (Bloomberg) – One of the major news stories of the week was the acquittal of U.S. President Donald Trump. As part of his effort to get Ukraine to probe a political rival, Trump withheld almost $400 million in aid appropriated by Congress for Ukraine’s defense. Now Democrats say Trump is doing something similar on clean energy, withholding $823 …

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Bionic jellyfish? Yes, and they are here to help

A jellyfish augmented with a microelectronics implant designed by researchers Nicole Xu and John Dabiri is seen in an artist's rendering released January 30, 2020. Rebecca Konte/Caltech/Handout via REUTERS.

Reuters, January 31, 2020 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – It may sound more like science fiction than science fact, but researchers have created bionic jellyfish by embedding microelectronics into these ubiquitous marine invertebrates with hopes to deploy them to monitor and explore the world’s oceans. A small prosthetic enabled the jellyfish to swim three times faster and more efficiently without causing any …

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Greece wants floating fence to keep migrants out

Coast Guard boat in Europe approaching another inflatable boat filled with migrants

Reuters, January 30, 2020 ATHENS (Reuters) – Greece wants to install a floating barrier in the Aegean Sea to deter migrants arriving at its islands’ shores through Turkey, government officials said on Thursday. Greece served as the gateway to the European Union for more than one million Syrian refugees and other migrants in recent years. While an agreement with Turkey …

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