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Carnival extends cruise cancellations. Plans to restart on July 27. (Unlikely)

PortandTerminal.com, April 13, 2020

MIAMI, FL – Carnival has announced it will extend its cancellation of cruise operations until June 26th and restart them on July 27th.

One notable exception to the announcement was the suspension of its Carnival Sunrise itinerary out of New York, which has been cancelled to the end of 2020. New York Governor Cuomo is a realist and knows that Carnival’s July 27th date to resume its cruise operations is ridiculous.

Few other people believe that the cruise lines will be able to resume their normal operations on July 27th either. Government and health officials are increasingly advising that they see no real solution to the current crisis until a vaccine is deployed on a massive scale.  Public health experts like Dr Anthony Fauci have urged caution about resuming normal life too soon for fear of instigating another wave of illness and death.

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Carnival Corp was hit particularly hard by coronavirus outbreaks on their cruise ships. Business Insider produced a useful summary of the number of coronavirus cases suffered by each vessel (below) with industry leader Carnival responsible for 3 out of the top 5 outbreaks.

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An outbreak on Carnival’s Ruby Princess vessel is currently being investigated by the homicide police in Australia to determine when the company became aware of the situation on board their ship. At least 18 deaths have been attributed to the Carnival Ruby Princess.

Surprisingly, given all of the death and disease on cruise ships recently, there are still people who are willing to risk cruising again if it restarts on July 27th. That’s good news for Carnival which desperately needs the money.

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All the more reason for the governments and health officials to take leadership on protecting cruise lines and their passengers from themselves.

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