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WATCH: Cargo ship slammed onto rocks in rough seas forcing dramatic rescue

PortandTerminal.com, December 22, 2019

TORRE CANNAI, ITALY – On Saturday night (December 22nd) the Cdry Blue, a general cargo ship, ran aground on the rocks of Torre Cannai in Sant’Antioco in rough seas. The vessel was carrying a load of coffee when it left from Cagliari bound for Spain when it encountered a storm. In an effort to find shelter during the rough weather the vessel landed on the rocks in the evening.

Map of the Tyrrhenian Sea showing the location on the coast of Sardinia where a ship grounded
The incident happened off the coast of Sardinia in Italy on Saturday, December 22nd at night

The Italian coast guard, Guardia Costiera used a NEMO helicopter in difficult weather conditions to dramatically rescue all twelve members of the crew from the vessel.

Italian Coast Guard helicopter footage of the stranded vessel and crew rescue

The Coast Guard is now checking that there was no fuel spill in the sea of ​​Sant’Antioco as a result of the incident.

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