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Captain of German container ship murdered on board. Who did it?

FILE PHOTO: Spirit of the Hamburg IMO: 9391660

PortandTerminal.com, April 18, 2020

The master of container ship killed by 12 crew ship SPIRIT OF HAMBURG, docked at Cartagena Colombia. There are conflicting reports on who killed him.

CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA – The 50-year-old captain of the container ship Spirit of Hamburg, was killed by his 12 crew members while the ship was docked at the port of Cartagena, Colombia.

There are conflicting reports in this recent incident as to who killed the captain.

The crew did it…

Early Colombian media reports said that Myo Tun Saw, the Captain, was killed in a fight with his crew members.

Colombian authorities have not provided detailed information of the incident, saying only that the captain was attacked during a fight. His body has been brought to shore for forensic examinations

The Colombina media reports conflict with a statement issued this morning by Zeaborn Ship Management, the manager of the vessel.

…or was it an intruder on board?

Logo of Zeaborn Ship Management

In their statement, Zeaborn Ship Management confirms the violent death of the Captain but state that he “…suffered fatal injuries following what is believed to be a violent incident with an intruder onboard the ship”.

Zeaborn also stated that the exact circumstances of the violent incident are “yet unknown and police have started an official investigation into the events and conducted interviews with the crew of Spirit of Hamburg.”

Crew Nationality

Zeaborn Ship Management also sought to clarify in their statement that the crew were not of Filipino nationality but did not seek to communicate anything beyond that.

“Zeaborn Ship Management is aware of social media reports circulating that the crew would be of Filipino nationality.

This is incorrect. We would like to add that three senior officers are one month beyond their contractual relief date, but they are showing great professionalism in making the best of the current relief/repatriation restrictions. All other crew are due for relief between now and October.”


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