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Maritime Image of the Day: “Captain Arma is last man off the Diamond Princess”

Diamond Princess Hero - Captain Gennaro Arma the last person to leave the ship. (Photo: First Officer Vincenzo Guardascione)

PortandTerminal.com, March 2, 2020

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA – Diamond Princess Captain Arma, seen here in our “Maritime Image of the Day”, was the last to leave his ship which had been quarantined off the coast of Japan for almost two weeks.

The captain and his crew were on the front lines as the coronavirus tore though the vessel infecting at least 705 of the passengers and crew on board. Five people from the ship are confirmed to have died.

He is a hero in the eyes of all of us who are a part of the Princess global community. We thank him and his senior officers for their leadership, along with the service of our exceptional onboard team.

Carnival Cruise company statement

Carnival Cruise provided the following biography on Captain Arma:

Captain Gennaro Arma was born in Sorrento, Italy who started working for Princess Cruise Lines in 1998 as a cadet. He works up the corporate ladder and eventually becomes the Captain of the Diamond Princess in 2018. He is married to his lovely and supportive wife who lives in their home in Italy with their young son.

“One reason why a panic has not occurred among the passengers is the captain’s leadership”

Carnival passenger

A month ago, most people did not know much about Captain Gennaro Arma unless they have worked or sailed with him. However, with the rise of the Coronavirus and the fear that took upon the hearts and minds of many as the virus started to spread rapidly, the world turned towards the Diamond Princess as it became quarantined.

“For all of you who are concerned about me, I’m extremely moved by your kindness and I’d like to reassure you all that I’m absolutely fine. I’m very much the same captain that I was 12 days ago, just with the addition of a few new gray hairs.

Captain Gennaro Arma

At the same time attention was placed towards the young Captain who managed to prevent panic breaking lose, maintaining the spirit of the crew and the guest as high as possible under such circumstances, as well as maintaining within the recommendations of the quarantine without much medically trained staff, and all while keeping humble thus his name indeed became one worth not only mentioning, but also celebrating.

Another passenger summed up Captain Arma’s leadership beautifully by saying “I want this kind of a man to be our country’s leader”.

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