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Screen grab of protestors setting pallets on fire underneath a train carrying containers
A group of anti-pipeline protestors attempted to light a train on fire in the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, which temporarily stopped freight train traffic.

Attempted train derailments by protestors in Canada are terrorism.

PortandTerminal.com, February 27, 2020

“Setting fire to and attempting to derail trains in this context is terrorism according to section 83.01 of the Criminal Code” Erin O’Toole, Conservative Member of Parliament in Canada.

TORONTO, ONTARIO – The continuing rail blockades and protests in Canada have become increasingly destructive and dangerous. Videos in this article show protestors attempting to derail moving trains carrying containers.

One Conservative politician in the country, Erin O’Toole, calls the incidents “terrorisim” according to Canada’s Criminal Code.

Protesters behind rail blockades in Quebec and Ontario ramped up their actions and rhetoric Wednesday as government officials accused them of compromising public safety.

In an intense standoff at Tyendinaga, Mohawk Territory in Ontario, fires were set on the tracks. Protestors in the video can be seen on the left, RCMP on the right, as a 2nd train goes through.

Provincial police said a handful of protesters also lit fires near and on railway tracks at a secondary camp that remained in place after a raid on another, larger blockade earlier this week.

Ontario Provincial Police say that after a train moved through Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory this morning, a second train was forced to come to a stop.

The second train eventually travelled through the area though it slowed down briefly after protesters tossed a lit pallet. In videos posted to social media, activists could be seen advancing dangerously close to the tracks and hurling pallets as a train passed.

Nationwide rail and road blockades have been popping up for weeks as a show of support for the hereditary chiefs of the Wet’suwet’en Nation in northwestern B.C. who oppose a natural gas pipeline project cutting across their traditional territory.

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Several high-profile blockades were dismantled by police in B.C. and Ontario earlier this week.

Yesterday’s attempt to derail trains in Canada by protestors falls on the heels of a major derailment of a train carrying crude oil in Saskatchewan in early February. That derailment took place at about the same time the current protests started spreading, although there have been no charges laid.

Dozens of crude tanker cars derailed and caught fire in Saskatchewan in early February.

The Transportation Safety Board did say that its investigators have not found any mechanical defects on the train that derailed and spilled oil in rural Saskatchewan.

As the protestors have become increasingly dangerous they have squandered much of the support they enjoyed amongst average Canadians when their grievances first captured national attention.

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