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Amazing photos of Germany’s Coronavirus Airplane Hospital

PHOTO: Interior of a German Airbus 310 MRTT, which landed in Bergamo yesterday and is to return to Cologne with patients

PortandTerminal.com, March 29, 2020

Germany is set to treat coronavirus patients who are being flown in from nearby European nations that have been worse hit by the pandemic.

COLOGNE, GERMANY – Germany’s military are flying Covid-19-positive patients in from France and Italy in an effort to help countries’ whose health services are struggling to cope with the crisis.

An air force plane landed in Bergamo, northern Italy, early on Saturday and is due to return to Cologne with six Italian patients, who will be treated at various hospitals in the region.

Newly-released images have shown the remarkable equipment on board the plane – which is an Airbus A-310 ‘Medivac’. Several German state governments have offered to take in patients from Italy and some have already arrived.

Germany is currently using 4-5 of these aircraft in different variants, always at least one of them is waiting on alert with a medical transport kit installed. This particular plane is the “August Euler” stationed in Cologne with beds for 38 people and an additional 6 intensive care stations.

Female German officer wearing surgical mask standing inside a converted airplane that is a hospital
The plane has beds for 38 people and an additional 6 intensive care stations.
The plane is fitted out with state of the art medical equipment
Interior photo of the hospital airplane
File video of what the Airbus A-310 based conversion looks like.

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