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YSV "Sputnik" pictured above with the big green helipad

#5 – YSV “Sputnick”

The Sputnik is the toy carrier for Oleg Deripaska’s main yacht “MY Queen K”. Sputnik measures 197 feet in length (97 metres). Painted in the same colors as its mother vessel, Sputnik has a large heli platform as well as a hangar. Not many further details are available on this shadow vessel. We do know that it does not have any guest accommodation but does have a superyacht spa area and an owners saloon.

One of the beautiful tender vessels loaded aboard the Sputnik is an $850,000 wooden, Wally Tender vessel similar to the one in this photograph
YSV Sputnik’s mothership, My Queen K

Owner of YSV Sputnik

Sputnik’s owner, Oleg Deripaska beside Russian President Vladimir Putin

YSV Sputnik and its mothership My Queen K are both owned by Oleg Deripaskam (51 years old), a Russian oligarch. He is the founder of Basic Element, one of Russia’s largest industrial groups, and Volnoe Delo, Russia’s largest charitable foundation. Deripaskam’s fortune is estimated at $3.6 billion.

Fun fact

Feel as if you have recently heard Deripaska’s name in the news recently? You probably have. Deripaska’s former mistress, the Belorussian self-styled “sex coach” named Nastya Rybka (below) made news a while back claiming to have information on Donald Trump’s ties to Moscow. She ended spending time in a Thai jail and was eventually deported back to Russia where little has been heard of her since.

Self-styled sex coach Nastya Rybka
And finally, Nastya being lead to trial in Moscow

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