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48 hours later. MSC Shipping Website Still Down. CyberAttack?

PortandTerminal.com, April 12, 2020

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – It has now been about 48 hours since MSC’s computer networks were knocked offline and they are still down. Yesterday we reported that the company said that the issue is confined to their Geneva offices and that they had teams of people working hard to restore the systems.

Shortly after the incident happened the company communicated via Twitter that it was unable to rule out a cyberattack. There has been no communication from them since to rule out this possibility.

Last communication to MSC customers

On Saturday, the company sent via email to its customers an email stating that the issues that they were experiencing “pose no threat to external and third parties engaging with our company”. The company also reports that its “services and operations are working as usual”.

Since then, MSC has gone quiet as they work to fix the problem. Their website is still down and the only communication that they have issued via social media is an Easter message sent an about an hour ago on Twitter.

MSC.com's home page almost 48 hours since they were first knocked offline.
MSC.com’s home page almost 48 hours since they were first knocked offline.

So for now, all we can say for sure is that the second-largest shipping company in the world has had its network knocked offline for 48 hours, they haven’t explained why it isn’t up and running yet and they haven’t ruled out a cyberattack.

Meanwhile, there was the following warning last week from INTERPOL.


Last week INTERPOL issued a warning to organizations at the forefront of the global response to the COVID-19 outbreak that they have also become targets of ransomware attacks, which are designed to lock them out of their critical systems in an attempt to extort payments.

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To support global efforts against this critical danger, INTERPOL informed that they had issued a Purple Notice alerting police in all its 194 member countries to the heightened ransomware threat.

We (and others) warned at that time that “While INTERPOL’s alert does not mention ports, shipping and other critical maritime infrastructure, we believe that it too is or will soon be attacked in a similar manner by cybercriminals during this critical time of supply chain vulnerability.

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