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#4 – YSV “Garçon”

The Yacht Support Vessel “Garçon” is owned by Samvel Karapetyan, a Russian businessman.

Samvel Karapetyan (54 years old) is a Russian billionaire businessman and is the owner of the real estate company called Tashir Group.

The Garçon is the toy carrier for Karapetyan‘s main yacht “My Ace”. Garçon measures 220 feet in length (67 metres). The ship has accommodations for 21 crew. Special features include a helipad fully certified for large helicopters.

“My Ace”, the mothership of the YSV Garçon

Owner of YSV Garçon

Samvel Karapetyan is the owner of Tashir Group of Companies and a Russian-Armenian business tycoon

Karapetyan (54 years old) is worth an estimated $3.8 billion.

Fun fact

Armed with hundreds of rubbish bags, the crew of both the mothership “Ace” and its YSV Garçon did major clean-up duty on Phuket Province in Thailand on 22nd December 2018. The team organised a mass clean up, and the village head Phuu Yai Baan mobilised its resources as well, resulting in a turnout of about 80 locals, including 30 children to help. At least 500 bags of plastics and rubbish were carted away in four truckloads to be recycled. 

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