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#3 – YSV “Game Changer”

The shipbuilding company Damen listed Game Changer on the market asking $44 million in May 2017. The vessel has been purchased and her owner is set to take her around the world for marine conservation, ocean research, documenting ocean biodiversity and luxury dive expeditions. No word as of yet on the company’s name though.

YSV Game Changer

The 227 foot long (69 metres) Game Changer features a fully certified helideck so owners can take larger helicopters on long-range flights to their mother yachts and land safely in a wider weather window. Lowering the helicopter into the hangar protects it from the elements so it is refuelled and available for take-off without causing hassle, disruption and noise on the mother yacht.

YSV Game Changer’s capacity for carrying supplies and gear for its mother ship is impressive as shown in the graphic below.

YSV Game Changer on the left with its mothership on the right. Each’s capacity for carrying fuel, supplies and gear is shown in the visual above

The YSV Game Changer has an impressive capacity to carry extra provisions to remote locations and is certified for Arctic and Antarctic operations. During her expeditions, Game Changer will be managed by a crew of 15 onboard travelling at speeds up to a maximum of 21 knots, or cruising speed of 16 knots.

During her eight-month refit at the Damen shipyard, Game Changer’s guest and crew areas were refurbished and modifications were made to accommodate a range of toys and equipment
Toys onboard the Game Changer

Fun fact

Demand for Yacht Support Vessels is strong enough that the ship’s build Damen built the vessel without having a buyer already lined up.

“The strength of Damen’s global business means we can build these large and sophisticated vessels on speculation,”

Mark Vermeulen, Product Director, Damen

Damen has a total of 12 Damen Yacht Support Vessels delivered or in build.

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