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EXPLORE 3-D model: 16th-Century shipwreck found in downtown Stockholm

Ice skaters at Kungsträdgården, a popular park in central Stockholm where the shipwreck was discovered

PortandTerminal.com, December 21, 2019

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – The Crown Ship Samson from the late 1500s was found at Kungsträdgården, a popular park in central Stockholm, Sweden.

Large parts of Stockholm were underwater well into the modern era and were not drained until the middle of the 18th century. The ship was likely abandoned on the shore, only to be filled with debris and garbage from the local area over time.

“We have found everything (in the ship) from coins and pipes to ceramics and glass, but also a small ball of clay, possibly dropped by a child who played in the wreck during the early 1600s”

Archaeologist Philip Tonemar 

The find has been described as an important link between older and newer methods of shipbuilding, as well as a crossover between a transport ship and a warship.

Two researchers wearing white protective helmets and yellow gear survey the wooden ribs of an old ship found buried in the mud.
The large 98-foot shipwreck was first discovered during the summer by Arkeologikonsult, Sweden’s oldest archaeological company.

Based on an analysis of the growth rings in the ship’s timber, it was dated back to the 1590s, immediately after the Spanish Armada failed to conquer England.

Based on the provenance and dates of the timber as well as the size and construction of the ship, it was concluded that it is one of the crown’s ships built in Hälsingland. At the time it would have carried 20 cannons.

The section that has been uncovered so far formed part of the ship’s hull as shown in the diagram below.

The section in yellow represents what has been found of the 16th-century ship thus far

Explore a 3-D model of the discovery

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