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WATCH: Late-night NBC comic ridicules Norway’s decision to resume cruising

PortandTerminal.com, August 6, 2020

NEW YORK“Late Night with Seth Meyers” host Seth Myers took aim Wednesday night on his locked-down, broadcast from home show at Norway’s misguided decision to resume cruising.

Most of Myers airtime of late has focussed on US politics and America’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. For him to dedicate a large slice of his show to a Norwegian cruise line gives some indication of the comic absurdity he and his writers saw in the decision to start cruising so soon.

“Really, Norway? You’re running a cruise line already?” Myers asked, “I know things may be better in Europe than they are in the U.S. but a cruise is the last thing you should reopen – right after cuddle parties and harmonica rentals”.

Myer’s was reacting to the recent Hurtigruten’s expedition cruise ship Roald Amundsen fiasco. The Norwegian cruise line’s ship sailed on a 7-day cruise from the arctic port of Tromsø, Norway on July 24 with 177 passengers and 160 crew.

Scores of crew members have since been found to be infected with COVID-19. Making things even worse, passengers who were allowed to leave the cruise ship and return home untested are now also testing positive for the virus. The number of innocent people who have been infected by the disembarking passengers as they returned home from the cruise is unknown but many worry about a serious outbreak.

A ship itself is bad enough but cruises also stop and drop off the virus in every coastal town like a giant Motley Crue tour bus.

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